We are facing a very important time in our history, choices are being made at the moment that can make or break our survival as a species, and it can also determine the fate of the earth itself. Scientist desperately try to discover the mechanism that drives environmental change and find solutions that can halt or stop global change.

But it is not only up to the scientist, politicians representing every country in the world must be ready to make strong agreements and resolutions, laying a clear path to a sustainable future. These politicians are driven by the people that vote for them, and that brings a large part of the responsibility to us, the voters, we also must be prepared to make choices and most important of all we will need to make sacrifices and compromises, but please think clear and be informed when making these choices because there is more at stake then your inner circle.

The mission of our future is to give trustworthy scientifically information concerning the environment and energy related topics. There is a lot of information available about this topic and there are also a lot of opinions. We try not to have an opinion but let science do the talking.

Our future also tries to introduce environmental subject into education. It is our understanding and political opinion that environmental lectures must become just as common as history classes, or economics for that matter. We find it important that we inform the new generation on the state of the world, the problems that they will have to face and solve in the future. Problems we and our previous generations have created. It will also be nice to let them know that research is being done that can lay the foundation for a green and renewable future.

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