Agriculture in the shape of growing crops has been around for a long time. Some were around 10,000 BC the first humans started cultivating land and sometime after that they started keeping animals for milk and meat. This kick-started the human development, more food could be produced than needed by a single farmer, creating space for new occupations. People also stopped travelling and started living in fixed places forming the first settlements. We have come a long way sins then, specialised crops have been cultivated for agriculture, machines have replaced manual labour, pesticides are used for protecting the harvest and fertilisers able to boost growth are introduced. This has increased the yield per acre almost five fold as can be seen in the average corn yield in America. The amount of land has only increased slightly but the output of corn has risen exponential. The large availability of food together with other factors has created an exponential growth in human population, if this growth continuous food shortage can escalate. In the following figure this history is explained.

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