Humans are the dominant species, we have populated almost every location on the earth, from the hot plains of Africa to the cold Arctic. We are intelligent and adaptive, which made us overcome many diversities and brought us to where we stand today, on the very top of the food chain. Unlike other animals on the top of the food chain we managed to not only hunt and gather food successfully, but to also cultivate our own food and keep cattle. This in turn gave us the opportunity to live predominantly static lives, staying in one place and growing everything we need locally, resulting in communities, cities, empires and countries, but most importantly society. What set us apart was the ability to communicate and build tools, we learned to control fire and even disease. To top it al humans started questioning there surroundings, pondering about there existence, meaning of life, the inner workings of nature and the heavens. Our understanding is unique one this planet and sets us apart from all other mammals, but what we tend to forget is that we all are part of nature, if we want it ore not.

There are few thing we do not control, our expansion in population and our hunger for energy and resources are the most important and potentially destructive. Often is said that humans are one of the only species that can predict their own ending, but do almost nothing to prevent this. Letโ€™s prove them wrong!

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