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This website layout is based on the “I = P × A × T” equation, with it the impact (I) we have on the planet can be roughly charted using three main variables, population, affluence and technology. The website will be divided into these variables.

The population chapters will contain information on human history, behaviour growth and so on.

The affluence & technology chapters will contain information about consumption of energy, materials and use of technology.


The impact chapters will contain information about climate change, environmental strain and pollution

Finally the future chapters will contain scenarios of the future, renewable and future technology still under development.

The global change risk analysis table abbreviated in the intro will also be explained further within this website. The table will be used as guideline from where additional information is given under main subjects. The following table will give an overall impression of the website build up.

Explanation of table
1.    Information regarding global change is given in the main page “Global change” for fact base support of the question of global change is real or not and if it is caused by us.
2.    Energy consumption and the coming energy problem is described in the main page “Energy”, but also the resources food and water problem are treated in main pages called “Material”, “Food” and “Water”.
3.    The future prospective of continues global change and pollution is described in the subpages “future”   in the main page “Global change” or “Environment”
4.    The risks but also the changes that the green revolution or the sustainable society can bring is given in the main page “Green revolution”
5.    Our vision of this green revolution and how to get there is given under the main page “Green revolution”
6.    The final change of yes or no is up to you and under the main page “Your opinion” you can add your opinion on several subjects.

Additional information supporting these main subjects is also given under the main pages belonging to that subject.

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