Our Future

Our history, our present but also Our future can be found on that little blue marble somewhere in the fastness of space. NASA did not found another planet quite like it, nor did it invent the technology to venture there if it was found. This means that we are stuck with this small planet and we have to make do with what we have. It also means that if we destroy it we have now where else to go, we have to be careful with our home because it is all we have got. Please remember this every time you gaze upon its beauty, it will only last if we treat it with respect.For us just watching the movie inconvenient truth from All Gore or Home was not enough, thatโ€™s why we started this incentive to share scientific information regarding Our-Future. In Our Future we are all responsible for the outcome of the most important decisions that humanity will face. Choose wisely and our advanced civilization can live and prosper for many centuries to come, choose unwisely our civilization might end before the next century. The choice is most certainly yours, because everyone can make a difference.

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