We must understand and foresee the tremendously complex problem that humanity will face in the coming future. Our vision of the coming future is one without the use of pollution fossil fuels but other renewable products and energy sources that have taken its place. In this future we learn to work with nature not against it, as we try to regain our balance with nature. Unfortunately small sacrifices must be made to create greater good and prosperity, we need to control our hugely expanding population trough education and development and we need to cut down on our gigantic consumption of energy and materials, especially in the developed countries.

Not an easy task, but please don’t forget what’s at stake, not the sake of our world or life as we know it but Our Future as humanity and our complex society we have created in the last thousands of years.

Global change risk analysis
The climate change problem is debated intensively, it is clear that the climate is changing but it is unclear which part men plays in this and how fast climate is changing. The following approach displayed in the following two tables might help in the childish discussion of true untrue.

In the tables below the two possible result of the climate debate
1.    False saying that humanity has now effect on global change
2.    True saying that humanity has an effect on global change
Also in the table the two extreme choices are laid out
1.    Yes saying that we will act and transform into a sustainable society
2.    No saying that we peruse business as usual

Energy risk analysis
In addition to the global change issue, energy is also a big future problem to contemplate in the risk analysis and to the contrary most agree on the future energy problem to be real, which is not always the case for global change caused by humans. In black the foreseen risks of the energy problem are added to the following table. Additionally if we do chance in a sustainable society completely energy shortage can be prevented.

If we choose “Yes” we will face the risk of high costs and global economic depression, hard choices and decision must be made regarding population, consumption and energy, but risk of catastrophe is obverted.

If we choose “No” we will face the risk of lack of energy resources some additional cost and economic depression but also total societal breakdown, with Armageddon like catastrophes starting with global economic breakdown, political chaos most likely resulting in war for the remaining resources, social unrest with riots on food and energy, environmental breakdown as we consume that what is left and to top it all of large public health problems with medieval famines, diseases and living conditions.

Are you willing to take the risk or will you play it safe.

In this website the science behind this discussion is explained, to give you a better perspective in the problems we face in order to help you decide. First of all global change is real with measured effects all over the globe, but the cause is still debated. Secondly the energy problem is coming as traditional energy sources are sun setting. Finally population growth and development of countries is pushing demand for food, water, energy and materials higher and higher. Science can give you that what is measured and reviewed and some future perspectives.

An even better explanation of the global change risk analysis is given in this YouTube video.
Have a look.

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